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16678 114 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB T5M 3R8

Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM

Tel: (780) 458-1688




  • How do I order photos?
    Please call or email our office and we can provide you with a link to your association’s online store.
  • Can I order photos from previous years?
    Yes we keep all photos on file so you can order at anytime.
  • Am I able to see a proof of my photo?
    Yes. At the moment, we currently allow you to proof our top picked photo that we took. This photo can be previewed on step 2 of your personal booking store when you're adding players. After hitting the "+" sign next to the players name, go to the top of the page and a green "Ready" text will appear if your proof can be viewable. Clicking on this button will show you your proof.
  • Are the photos actual team photos or stitched photos?
    Both! MVP offers traditional full team photos or individual stitched photos for associations. If you're booking with us, don't hesitate to ask for our different photo styles. If you have an appointment and want to know, either contact your team manager for additional information or you can call or email us.
  • How do I get my photos?
    Orders processed before the cut-off date will be sent in bulk to the association. Any orders placed afterwards will be prepared for pick-up or shipping. Shipping charges may apply.
  • What if my child missed photo day?
    If your child was unable to attend photo day, please go to your designated booking store link. On the bottom left of step 1, click the "Missed Photo day" button to book an appointment. If you do not see a desirable time, do not have the link, or do not see the button on step 1 please call or email us. Charges may apply for an additional private booking.
  • How long do I have to book an appointment if I missed the original photo day?
    You can book with us at any time, but if your team photo style is "Stitched Team Photo", we can only guarantee you will be added to the team photo for everyone if you book an appointment within 7 days of your last shoot date. If your appointment is after then, we can only guarantee it will be in your products.

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